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About Axiom

Data helps to build knowledge, feelings are the source of wisdom.

Corporate performance has always been driven by data. However, from many decades of experience, we know that people make the difference in an organisation. People are the organisation. So why are we focusing on just the traditional data when there is a bigger picture behind it?

At Axiom, we focus on: Safety, Wellbeing and Impact, the three critical foundations to ultimate performance and resilience in the workplace. 

We are a specialist team with a simple and easy to use process. Axiom enables you to measure the constructs that form the basis of your team’s workplace experience. 

Our objective is to measure the feelings and emotions behind this data, not as a replacement for the traditional metrics but as a complementary insight that will give you a wider perspective into the organisation’s performance and enabling you can equip your team with the personal tools they need to be well and resilient, so they can flourish and achieve ultimate performance.

Meet The Team

Rina Cheung

Managing Director

Rina is a trauma-informed Mindfulness Facilitator, trained with The University of Oxford Mindfulness Centre in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). She has a strong interest in Mindfulness in personal development. The simplicity of taking time for ourselves can be so resourceful to build and sustain resilience and growth, enhancing our performance, and how the mindful approach can help us to make better decisions and sustainable impact to our wider world.  

Rina is also an accomplished designer and producer across various sectors including music, fashion, advertising, corporate, arts, video and films. It is through her creative industry experience, she strongly believes the importance of work life balance and how mental wellness and creativity go hand in hand together.


Rina enjoys getting involved in community music projects with Chorleywood Music. She is a member of their orchestra and she performs with them regularly in and around the community.

Jeremy Moore


Jeremy started his career in private equity before becoming an international coach, coaching hundreds of executives worldwide. In addition he has coached to the Great Britain Junior Rowing Squad at the World Championships and during his MBA at Henley Management College in 1999, he studied the application of sports coaching to Business.

In brief, Jeremy has specialised in corporate and executive development using advances in neuroscience, physiology and cardiology – in the knowledge that emotions drive behaviour.

He is also a father of two, Georgina and Harry and would like to see a world where both were presented with identical and fair opportunities.

Nicholas Draycott


Nick has a longstanding record of innovation in a variety of sectors. A key element has always been an emphasis on harnessing the latest technology to enhance business performance.

For well over 25 years he has been involved in successfully questioning existing practices, and Axiom Measurement provides the most satisfying challenge to date.

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