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Axiom Impact Score (AIS)

“You can't manage it, if you don't measure it.”

How we feel drives how we think and act… and it all starts with safety. 

At Axiom we measure the workplace 'felt' experience.

We do this through a simple audit that enables us to quantify each team member's feelings of Safety, Wellbeing and Impact in the workplace with our Axiom Impact Score (AIS) and analysis report.

Dimensions of Workplae Experience
Dimensions of Workplace Experience

It is a natural human behaviour to seek safety in any environment. Until we feel safe we do not engage with others or venture beyond the boundary of what we know and can control. This is critical for workplace experience and performance. We will only perform at our best if, first, we feel safe.

Wellbeing is critical for resilience and to unlock the best possible action in any situation. Wellbeing can be described as: Physical health, forward-thinking positivity, high and consistent energy, clear thought, calm demeanour and the ability to meet challenges with a sense of ease.

Few people are motivated to act if they do not believe their efforts will make a difference. Impact can be immediate, transient or long-term and sustaining. The greater the sense of impact we have, personal and collective, the more we commit and endure to succeed.

Why is Axiom Measurement different:
  • We don’t ask questions
    The measurement is simple. No questions, just 14 simple statements. It takes only a few minutes online and gives a preview to the feeling of the team members. This feeling is an indication of thought and behaviour that may follow.


  • Why only 14 statements when we are providing such powerful analyses?
    We avoid questions because (they) require logic and rational brain thinking to answer. In our experience, this often leads to self-censoring and moderation of the true, experienced perception of an environment or situation


  • Our objective
    By simply rating the level of agreement or disagreement with the statements, we aim to get a true and emotive indication of how someone feels across the 6, critical emotive constructs that make up the Axiom Impact Score.

Axiom is different
Axim Impact Score
Axiom Impact Score (AIS)

The dimensions, audit, constructs and process are each simple in their own context. When considered and assessed together, however, the insights can be profound; revealing where the true focus needs to be to create an environment of high safety, wellbeing and impact…an environment of Ultimate Performance and Resilience.


By providing our simple Axiom Impact Score (AIS) within a detailed analysis report, we enable you to take actions and measure the impact of the actions you take.

Our Process
A 5-stage process for Axiom Measurement

The Axiom Measurement is a 5-stage process which consists of collaboration, audit distribution, data collection, measurement & analysis and reporting. 

1. Sign up

Get in touch with your organisation's requirements, our team will help you to sign up for the Axiom Measurement process.

2. Audit Distribution

An online Audit Link can be sent to you to distribute to your team, or the link can be sent to individual team member directly.

3. Data Collection

All participating team will complete the online audit by the pre-agreed audit closing date.

4. Measurement & Analysis

Once all audits are received, the data will
be analysed.

5. Reporting

The resulting simple, clear report is delivered either as a PDF or via Zoom or both.


Interested and would like more information?

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