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Performance & Resilience

In order to flourish and grow in this complex, ever changing modern world, now more than ever we need to equip ourselves and our teams with personal tools that will enable and empower them to succeed. 


What we offer at Axiom


We help you identify what performance and resilience is and what is needed to create an environment and an experience built on measurable levels of Psychological Safety, Wellbeing and Impact with our Axiom Impact Score (AIS) - the fundamental constructs that form the basis of the workplace experience – Trust, Respect, Empathy, Loyalty, Engagement and Positivity. When engaged, resilient teams want to work together to succeed.

Organisational Resilience, Agility and Durability


Resilience, agility and durability are the buzz words when we talk about company performances. However, a lot of the measurement and intervention are often focused on the end results such as ROI rather than the people - the heart and soul of the company.


Resilience grows from a granular level. A mindful approach towards leadership and self-development has become more prevalent. Researches have shown that by introducing mindfulness based perspective in leadership, it may help leaders to increase the ability to focus on the present moment, respond with intentionality, compassion and resilience. In other words, improve in cognition, being able to see clearly, better decision making rather than constantly stuck in reactivity.

At Axiom, we offer mindfulness courses which are designed for teams that would help to develop such skills and as well as drop-in sessions that support their ongoing development and wellness. 


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The word performance often brings to mind athletes and how well they execute their sports in a highly competitive and stressful environment. In order to succeed, the athletes focus their training on the three levers: physical ability, technical ability but most interestingly - mental ability. In many ways, that shares a parallel story in the corporate world. How we feel (physically and mentally) affects how we think and it is our emotions that are the key driver to unlocking our true potential. 

At Axiom, we specialise in measuring the underlying emotions in the workplace environment. Our Impact Coaching Programme focuses on mental aspects that drive you and your team, enabling you to develop strategies that can help to increase the impact of the performance.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity


“The case for making businesses more diverse, equitable and inclusive should no longer need to be made. It’s fundamental to the success of a modern-day business, and essential for the good of its clients, colleagues and the society we live in.” Stephen Bird, CEO,

According to one Mckinsey & Company’s reports on diversity and inclusion, the higher diversity representation a company has, the more likely their team will outperform. However, it also highlights that simply hiring a diverse pool of talent is no longer enough. It is their workplace experiences that shape their sense of psychological safety and belonging, that builds inclusivity. In turn, this also affects staff engagement and retention, and how they flourish along with the organisation.

At Axiom, we believe that “if you want to manage it, measure it”. Our measurement provides a neutral, fair platform that measures the more emotional but equally valuable data which demonstrates a better balance and greater insights.

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