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"An axiom is a statement that is taken to be true, to serve as a premise or starting point for further reasoning and arguments."

We all share a common goal in our workplace: 

It is to flourish, to have the greatest impact possible; performing at our best. But how do we bring our A-game each day, stepping into the challenges of work with ease and clarity? 


At Axiom, we focus on the six critical foundations to ultimate performance and resilience in the workplace. 

We are a specialist team with a simple and easy to use process. Axiom enables you to measure the constructs that form the basis of your team’s workplace experience. 


What we offer  

Axiom offers a different perspective with far deeper insight.


We assess your team’s workplace emotive experience; identifying areas to build on, areas to improve and the critical priorities for organisational performance, resilience, flexibility and durability.



Axiom Impact Score (AIS)

We measure your team's "felt experience" through our simple audit that enables us to quantify each team member's feelings in the workplace with our Axiom Impact Score (AIS) and analysis report.

We analyse 6 fundamental constructs – Trust, Respect, Empathy, Loyalty, Engagement and Positivity.


What drives us to think and act? 

Are you seeing clearly?  


Whether you are dealing with known team and performance challenges or you want to proactively set your team up for success, it is time to go to the next level.


Traditional, emotionless data from existing staff surveys has long been insufficient to understand the true need. At Axiom, we offer the insight you need for your team and company to grow.


Want to know more about Axiom?

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