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Workshops, Training and Impact Coaching

Performance and Resilience

Now more than ever the pace of technological progress and the complexity of modern life can be overwhelming.


As we ask our teams to step up and perform at their best in this challenging, exciting world, it is our responsibility as business leaders to equip them with the personal tools they need to be well and resilient…to succeed; performing at their very best.

What we offer at Axiom


We facilitate high impact interventions that drive the outcomes necessary for your success. We work with you and your teams to bring the human element of performance improvement, transformation and workplace experience back into the foreground. We help you identify what performance and resilience is and what is needed to create an environment and an experience built on measurable levels of Safety, Wellbeing and Impact with our Axiom Impact Score (AIS); where engaged, resilient teams want to work together to succeed.

Axiomatic Thinking

Individual wellbeing is the bedrock of personal and collective performance. Our wellbeing has direct correlation to how we feel, which affects how we think and act. Therefore, it is vital to place wellbeing and clarity at the heart of sustained performance and resilience for the individual and the organisation.


The Axiom Impact Score (AIS) enables us to gain insights in these areas on measurable levels of Safety, Wellbeing and Impact.


  • Personal

  • Collective

  • Corporate

Do Well

  • Plan & Act

  • Comminicate & Engage

  • Deliver

Think Well

  • Individually

  • Collectively

  • Optimally

Feel Well

  • Me

  • Us

  • Experience @ Work

Be Well

  • Physically

  • Mentally

  • Emotionally

The Framework

So how do we integrate our axiomatic thinking?


We start by developing trust and connection so that you can end with teams who work well together to succeed.


Up to 6 workshops to impart specific skills and experience; forging the team and agreeing how to work together.


How do you want your team to be?


Think Well, Do (Plan & Act) Well


Communicate & Engage


Working together


Safety and Resilience

(Be Well, Feel Well, Connect)

A 5-stage process for Axiom Performance & Resilience Offering

Our engagement process

1. Client Briefing

Online or in person, the first step is for us to understand your need, opportunities, obstacles and what success looks like for you.

2. Experience Baseline using AIS

The Axiom Impact Score is a critical part of the process that yields invaluable, anonymous insights.

3. Kick-off and Context

We engage your team to  get their input directly into the discovery process...using the AIS themes as a guide

4. Workshops

Using the Axiom Performance and Resilience Framework, we work with you to agree and execute a tailored series of experiential learning workshops.

Starting with building safety and ending with teams who want to work and grow together. 


5. Coaching and Sustainable Support

We will work with you to ensure your teams are supported beyond the workshop stage.​

2 further AIS assessments are included in all our programmes and you have the option for on-going Leadership, Performance or Wellbeing coaching support.


Interested and would like more information?

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